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Mosaic Art Studio is a social enterprise and art studio established to promote inter-cultural dialogue and understanding by providing art and socio-cultural experiences.

About Us

Our talented craftspeople has been dedicating their efforts to help our guests discover and cultivate their inner artists while they can experience and interact with cultures of others. We wish to inspire the creativity, to foster the sense of achievement, and to substantialize the cultural experiences throughout the workshops.

Recently, we have expanded to Taiwan, Australia, Holland and Canada. We are expanding our studios globally for unique cultural experiences, try not to miss being part of this journey!


Mosaic art studio's unique concept offers the franchise owner a business that requires low start-up capital, is fun to operate, is difficult to compete against, and that makes a worthwhile contribution to the community.


Mosaic art studio improves the lives of people and the community cohesion by promoting art and culture. Feeling fulfilled is easy when you’re positively impacting the world... and your bank account!

Flexible Business Model

You are driven to work hard and drive profit but also get to enjoy the benefits of creating you own schedule.

Strong Profitability

You can start generating revenues from your business almost immediately. With 6 streams of revenue, you will do great at any business environment, in & out of seasons.


With the ability to open locations in as little as 60 days, you can grow your Mosaic Art Studio empire to encompass the entire region with multiple units or stick to a single location, it’s up to you!

Be your own Boss

Become franchise to be flexible and free to manage your business at the pace you and your family want. 

Return your investment as short as 6 months 

With very high profit margins, you can achieve 100% ROI in 6 months as it is way higher than industrial average and better than most of arts & craft franchises. 

Low Risk - High Reward

With Mosaic Art studio’s proven business model in 4 continents, you will be limiting all the risks while rewarding yourself with very high profit margin in the industry.

Initial Investment 

Initial investment will vary according to Size, Location and construction required for the site. Our estimated investment will be ranged from $35,500 to $98,600.

Compared with many other art and craft franchise concepts, Mosaic Art Studio offers a very low entry point for investment.


Workshop Bookings

Private Events

Youth Programs

Cultural Programs

DIY Home Kit Sales

Retail Accessories


Mosaic Art Workshop

At Mosaic Art Studio, we provide unique experience of making a Turkish mosaic lamp with students’ creativity while providing traditional patterns.

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Ceramic Painting Workshop

The roots of Turkish ceramics dates all the way back to the 8th and 9th century with the Seljuks. It was not until the Ottoman Empire that the art of hand-painted ceramics rose to a new period altogether with the techniques we use today at 16th century.

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Ebru Painting Workshop

Ebru painting is a traditional Turkish art of creating colorful and dreamy patterns on water, and then transferring the painting to paper, silk or some other materials.

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Turkish Coffee Workshop

Turkish Coffee is tradition, art, ritual, and culture. Turkish coffee is a unique part of human history. It became the reason that coffee is one of the most consumable beverages today.

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SUPPORT from Mosaic Art Studio

We know that the success of the Mosaic Art Studio brand is dependent on the success of each one of our franchise partners. That means that our support starts with helping you identify the perfect location for your store and continues with on-going programs to help you grow.


Operations start behind the scenes and continue all the way through to the workshop. We have systems in place that will allow you to work efficiently and give you the extra time you want to focus on the customer experience. We are constantly developing our technology with both the owner and customer experiences in mind.

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