Frequently Asked Questions

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What methods of payment accepted?

1. We support a number of payment methods. Payment options include: Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Paypal and bank transfer.
2. If you choose transfer, please transfer within 48 hours after you made your booking request. After you complete the transfer, please send an email to prove your transfer to info@mosaicartstudio.com , and indicate the booking number we provided or booking name with booking session. We will confirm your booking within one working day.
3. If you are unable to complete bank transfer after 48 hours, our system will cancel your booking request automatically.
4. If you complete your bank transfer after 48 hours, if the event you book is still available, we will process your payment and your booking will be made.

Booking Questions

How do I cancel my bookings?

1. If you choose bank transfer and you haven’t completed your bank transfer after 48 hours, your booking is automatically canceled.
2. A cancellation must be made a full 120 hours(5 days) prior to the scheduled event start time.
If the guest cancels between 168 to 120 hours(7 days to 5 days) before the event, a maximum of 50% of the booking fee may be collected by the host as administrative fee.
It is non refundable when the cancellation is made less than 120 hours(5 days) before the event.
3. If you pay by credit cards or Paypal, we will void your payment authorisation and no fees will be charged. If you have paid by bank transfer, we will refund to your bank account in 10 working days.
4. To confirm you have received a refund, we suggest you to check your bank statements.
5. Please contact us or your banks if you have encountered any payment issues

Can I reschedule my booking?

  1. A reschedule must be made at least 48 hours prior to the event start time.
  2. We will charge 150 HKD/per person handling fee for reschedule made within 48 hours before the scheduled event start time. It can be paid by cash during the workshop.

How do I find my reservation?

How about if I do not show up or come late without cancellation in advance, can I request a refund?

1. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund. According to our cancellation policy, it is non refundable when the cancellation is made less than 5 dats(120 hours) before the event.
2. Students must arrive the scheduled event within 15 mins after the event starts. If the customer may arrive 30 mins or more after the event starts, the host have all the rights to refuse the entry of the customer and cancel the booking with no refund.
3. Mosaic Art Studio is not responsible for the events, final decisions are made by the hosts regarding refunds, offering make up sessions.

Help on your reservations

What happens if my host cancels my reservation?


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